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Areas that are particularly out of date/low on content


There are main conference pages for Kalamazoo, Leeds, Margot, and Digital Humanities. I will be filling in past information for K, L, and DH. We need people to take ownership for other conferences, and either create subpages for different years (for Margot) or create complete conference pages and subpages from scratch (I'm thinking MLA... I'm sure there are others). If you have organized a conference, please create a page for it and mark it Category:Conference. It need not have much information, a sentence or two about the aims of the conference and a link to the conference site would be fine.


This area is in serious need of updating. I'll be adding some tools I'm aware of (Image Markup Tool, TILE, Digital Mappaemundi); if you have tools you use, or you are building, please add it. As with conferences, you need not say much on the page. A brief description of the tool and a link to a website is fine.

Category tidying

Some addition / removal / combining of categories may be in order. In addition, we need to check that all pages are marked with the correct categories. All categories should have a description.

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