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"Textual heritage" is an open interdisciplinary scientific community of experts in the fields of research, description, preservation, popularization and publication of manuscripts and old-printed books of the most ancient, medieval and early modern periods.

The purposes of the community are:

  • support, coordination and organization of the theoretical and applied works aimed at the creation of electronic libraries, collections, databases and knowledge bases of manuscripts and old-printed books;
  • development of methods of the use of information resources in humanitarian researches and in the education;
  • support, coordination and organization of international cooperation in the field of fundamental research and modern information technologies in the humanities.

This community holds a bi-annual El'Manuscript conference since 2006.


  • Languages: Slavonic and other languages of Eastern Europe; other languages are welcome
  • Countries: Austria, Bulgaria, France, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Serbia, U.S.A


The membership to the community is free and consists in signing up to the website.

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