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KADMOS – Kahle Documents Management, Organization and Study University of Turin

Funding: Regione Piemonte, University of Turin

Project responsible: prof. Bruno Chiesa Project coordinator: Maria Luisa Russo

KADMOS is a project of the University of Turin on the study, archival arrangement, preservation and valorisation of the archive of Paul Ernst Kahle (1875-1964), the leading figure in Oriental studies during the first half of the past century. The Fonds consists of scientific documentation, letters, printed books and manuscripts (mainly Islamic): Kahle’s contributions to almost every field of Oriental studies secured him an international reputation and explain the scientific value of the Paul Kahle Fonds. The Islamic manuscripts collection has been catalogued with a previous project; KADMOS project is focused on the archive. Aims and structure of the project: 1) study, identification, description, archival arrangement of the scientific archive and correspondence (Work package no. 1: study and organization); 2) preservation plan: preventive conservation for the Fonds, including environmental monitoring and purchase of protective enclosures for documents (WP2: preservation); 3) valorisation: making the Paul Kahle Fonds available to scholars and promoting knowledge through a web-database of the archive, with entries connected to digitized images of a part of the archive (WP3: valorisation).

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