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== Institution ==
== Institution ==
[ École normale supérieure de Lyon] and [[ ICAR research laboratory]]
[ École normale supérieure de Lyon] and [ ICAR research laboratory]
== Contact ==
== Contact ==
[ Alexei Lavrentiev]]
[ Alexei Lavrentiev]
[[Category:Digital Resources: Texts]]
[[Category:Digital Resources: Images]]

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Interactive online digital edition of La Queste del Saint Graal (Quest for the Holy Grail), manuscript Lyon, BM. p.a. 77.

This is a prototype edition based on the TXM platform. It allows visualizing manuscript images, several layers of transcription and translation into modern French. Integrated search engine makes it possible to build concordances of word forms and morphological categories. Editorial principles are explained in a detailed introduction.


  • Languages: Old French
  • Dates: 13th century

Links and references



École normale supérieure de Lyon and ICAR research laboratory


Alexei Lavrentiev

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