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Explorer3D is a software for classification and 3D visualisation written in Java.

Many aspects of Explorer3D have been adapted or developed in the context of the Graphem Project. As a consequence, Explorer3D is oriented towards the exploration of pictures based on sets of numerical features extracted from these latters. Among these pictures are, of course, digital versions of (middle ages) writting samples.

Technically speaking, Explorer3D allows for object projection in a 3D space based on PCA and other dimensionality reduction methods. Depending on source data, MDS is also available. Kernel extensions have also been integrated. Various data manipulation tools are available, such as: synthetical view of classes (elipsoids, convex envelop), visualization of pictures associated with the objects, simultaneous multiple views with various projection methods, zooms, and so on. Explorer3D supports multi source data by simultaneously displaying sources on several 3D scenes, and allowing the user to identify objects amongst these scenes. 3D spatial manipulation is done by the mean of a standard mouse.

Explorer3D is currently developed and maintained by Lionel Martin and Matthieu Exbrayat, Université d'Orléans, 2009-2012 (copyright).

Explorer3D and its manual can be reached following this link.

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