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The Project

The Digital Medievalist Project is an international web-based Community of Practice for medievalists working with digital media. Established in 2003, the project helps medievalists by providing a network for technical collaboration and instruction, exchange of expertise, and the development of best practice.

The project operates an electronic mailing list and discussion forum, on-line refereed journal, news server for announcements and calls for papers, resource centre, and project wiki. It also organises conference sessions at international medieval and humanities computing congresses. Mailing list and Discussion Forum

<> is the Digital Medievalist Project electronic mailing list. Members use the list to ask for advice, discuss problems, and share information. The list's collegial atmosphere encourages a variety of conversations: from advanced discussions of problems in the implementation of particular languages or software to more basic questions about how to begin a computing project or find help with software, languages, and formats. The list currently has over 200 members. Subscription is open to anyone interested in the use of digital media in the study of the medieval period.

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