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Junicode (short for Junius-Unicode) is a free Unicode font for medievalists. Version 0.6.5 partially implements the recommendation of the Medieval Unicode Font Initiative and fully implements these Unicode ranges in the "regular" style (italic, bold and bold-italic styles are less complete):

  • Basic Latin
  • Latin 1 Supplement
  • Latin Extended A
  • Latin Extended B
  • IPA Extensions
  • Spacing Modifier Letters
  • Combining Diacritical Marks
  • Runic
  • Phonetic Extensions
  • Latin Extended Additional
  • Number Forms
  • Enclosed Alphanumerics

"General Punctuation" and "Superscripts and Subscripts" are nearly complete, and a selection of characters of interest to medievalists has been made from numerous other ranges.

Junicode is available at: http://junicode.sourceforge.net. You may preview the documentation at http://junicode.sourceforge.net/junicode-0-6-5.pdf.

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