A picture of the sky and sea meeting near the coast.

Welcome to the Electronic Aethelfrith Site! This edition has been especially prepared for both beginning students and advanced scholars. We have created a new edition of the Davis MS that also incorporates all known variants from both the Linn 458 and Sash B manuscripts. All passages unique to Linn are marked in green text. All passages unique to Sash B are marked in red. Those variants common to Linn and Sash B, but missing in Davis, are highlighted in pink. Access footnotes by clicking on line numbers. Roll your mouse over blue words to access popup glosses.



1. Listen! We have heard great things about Aethelfrith,

2. son of Aethelbert, protector of the sea-riders,

3. ruler of the whale-road, open waters;

4. not unwelcome was he at the battle, strong at sea,

5. seafaring king, lord of the Sea-Danes.

6. His enemies had no need to laugh,

7. boasting bravely at mead-hall, happy in their hearts.

8. Hroth of the water-people, a man of great boasts,

9. once experienced that misery.

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